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Monday, May 12, 2008
iPhone and gMail as a mail pipe

Finally, an iPhone arrived at my door, quite predictably.

While trying to get the iPhone working to my liking, I got stuck on mail. While mail is very convenient, reading it on the iPhone is made unpleasant by spam. As the iPhone does not filter spam, I would have to delete every single spam mail manually on the iPhone. And maybe a second time on my desktop computer, if my Thunderbird would let it pass. This takes the fun out of mail and I had to do something against it.

I tried the built-in spam protection for my mailbox, which is hosted by one of the biggest German providers. No luck, many false positives. Next I tried gMail.
So in effect I am routing all my mails, which are destined to my regular address "A" to a gMail account "B" and further to the mailbox "C", which I regularly retrieve. My gMail account "B" works as spam filter, and also archives all my incoming mails.
For sending, I can still use account "A" with the correspondign smtp-Account.

The whole pipe now looks like this:

mail -------> A --------> gMail ---------> C --------> iPhone
+---------> Thunderbird on desktop
+---> archive
+----> spam false positives check

Mail pipes look like the future of mail to me. I let you know.


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